Wednesday, January 30, 2008


.......................Austin Power: Local Man of Misery

Local junior rider Austin Oliver has been hitting the gym in preparations for the 2008 season. Rumor is he will be wearing the CCC kit for 2008, and riding with a new Campagnolo grouppo.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Day Ride


After a fantastic New Years dinner and party hosted by the St. Johns we struggled thru a ride more appropriately an artic ride New Years Day. We had a nice group to start the year off right. Austin Oliver worked over the group...a condition that will become familiar. We rode the Bethsadia loop which was a little over 30 miles.

Homemade biscuits with ham, jam, cheese and coffee when we got back, all the suffering was worth it!

Tour de Lombardia

Held in the autumn season in October the Tour de Lombardia is called "the race of the falling leaves" or "la classica delle foglie morte".

A local priest Father Ermelindo Vigano declared Madonna del Ghisallo the patroness of cyclists, which was recognized by Pope Pius XII. The Chapel of Madonna del Ghisallo contains a museum of cycling with some very interesting artifacts, including an eternal flame for the cyclists who have died.

These are some great pictures worthy of Pez Cycling News. Some of our Cullman Cycling Club members were relaxing and riding around Como and got some great shots.

The group climbing up towards the Madonna del Ghisallo.

Now this one is really worthy of Pez.


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