Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goldweber e Oliver che Forza!

Adam Goldweber and Austin Oliver rode very impressive races in the highly competitive Tour de Tuscaloosa.

Austin worked hard in the chase pack to finish 3rd in the junior 14-15 class, qualifying for the Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Racing Series training camp later this summer.

Austin's class was won by Tuscaloosa VeloCity Cycle Team's Logan in a very impressive solo breakaway.

Recap of Adam Goldwebers race:

The Tour de Tuscaloosa Road Race started on a cool, humid day. The field was a whos who of the Alabama cycling scene. Adam Goldweber, donned his "snug" CCC Kit and represented it well. He rode a smart race on the 40 mile technically difficult course. Biding his time until the last hill, he rode to the front, staying on the 2nd and 3rd wheel. With a little more than 1K to go, Adam went to the front and set the tempo. Riders were moving up and Adam was getting boxed in, nervous but not panicked Adam was on the wrong wheel and moving back. At the 200 meter to go sign, the road opened up, and while Adam got a later start on his sprint than others, he was nipped at the line and finished 5th. Yes Adam Goldweber represented the Cullman Cycling Kit with Forza!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nissa Socca

A few years ago I was in France preparing for the Nice World Triathlon Championships and while wandering through the "Old City" section of Nice, I discovered Nissa Socca. In the daytime its a garage door at night its an incredible gastronomical adventure. Buried deep in the old city of Nice, its on the ancient rue Ste-RĂ©parate. The restaurant is run by two Corsican Brothers who combine traditional Corsican cuisine with Nicoise of the region. Did you know that pizza was invented in this region of southern France? From what they told me much of the region was originally part of Italy. In Nissa Socca they have a huge brick oven where they do all the cooking. I was amazed that they even boil water in it. The menu is very simple they have a couple of seafood dishes which are fresh depending on the catch, the Nicoise salad which is a specialty of the region, pasta and of course pizza. The locals are there for the chick pea rossoles, stuffed vegetables and ratatouille. On the beverage side the only beer was of course Kronenbourg, the wine is served in large recycled bottles from the caverne de vin a couple of doors down rue Ste-RĂ©parate. Its been on my intenerary many times now and if you are ever in the region you have to go to Nissa Socca.

Tour Preparations

Austin and crew did the Triple Bypass ride which not only passes over Skyball Mountain but also what is known as Hog Mountain. This is a sadistic training ride which no one really enjoys. It was noted that it is getting harder and harder to stay on Austins wheel. He is training like a madman for the Tour de Tuscaloosa. If he finishes first or second in the road race he qualifies for the regional Lance Armstrong developmental camp. I think its in the bag!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Austin Oliver Rocks! Sumatanga #3

. Austin Oliver hammering up Chandler Mountain

Sprinting to a Top Ten Overall!

Austin Oliver showed why alot of people not just in Cullman are excited. Austin rode a great race today and finished in the TOP TEN OVERALL of the Sumatanga Race Series which in the finale finished on top of Chandler Mountain. This was a brutal climb after a very hard and fast 40 mile road race. Austin stayed in the main pack until after the 4th lap of the road race then the chaos began. On the lead up to the base of Chandler Mountain several attacks took place, Austin countered and began the long steep climb to the finish.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Partie Deux de Sumatanga!

What a beautiful day for racing at Camp Sumatanga in Gallant, Alabama. As the previous week there was a great turnout both locally and regionally. The A race was 50 miles and the B race 40.

Do they know how to have a good time in Cullman or what? The Cullman Cycling Club was out with families and a pre race picnic. On the spread was coffee from Primavera Coffee Roasters in Cahaba Heights. Brett and Havilah Burton made ground fresh coffee with a french press to get the Cullman boys motivated. Also on the table was great sandwiches and homemade cup cakes.

The Cullman Cycling Club riders, Cayce Cherry, Brett Burton, Bill St. John and Austin Oliver, plotting some pre race strategy.

Huge turnout in both races. The racers lining up for the 40 mile B race.

Amy Gravlee had a stellar race and made the selection. Amy looked strong and good in that new Team Medplan kit. She was in the sprint to win the race overall.

Austin Oliver put in another great performance. Austin is a junior racer and finished in the main break.

The race according to Super Dave. David Edwards of Bike Works in Huntsville, giving some post race analysis


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