Friday, August 24, 2007

Tour de Cullman 2007

With the 2007 Tour de Cullman approaching there seems to be some activity on the roads in Cullman. Rumor of several teams riding is going around. An email arrived this week, mysteriously announcing a team of eight riders wearing black uniforms.

"We will have a team of at least eight, black jerseys w/skull and crossbones."

Although this is a mass start and finishes with a KOM, there could be some benefit to having team support. The picture below was taken last weekend of three unidentified riders cresting Skyball Mountain. You know its serious when stealth rides are going on in 100 degree + heat.

Earlier in the summer a training ride was headed up with several well known regional cyclists:

In this photo it appears 2006 podium finisher Adam Goldweber is testing the legs of a World Championship contender and an Ironman.

Eight weeks...October 13th.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cullman Spring Classic 2007

The 2007 Cullman Spring Classic got underway in perfect conditions as the “A” group headed west and the “B” group headed east from the depart.

Event tee-shirts honored local legend Carson Glasscock

After a 12 mile neutral warm-up through rolling farmland, the racing began in earnest for the A’s. The dial went to eleven as the group approached Prospect Mtn. from the North for the first major selection of the day. The elite group of about eight made themselves known and the defending champion Country Al Mittelsdorf cleared the summit with a small gap. Superdave Edwards, later presented with the coveted “Most Aggressive” trophy, put in a Herculean effort to lead the rest of the pack over the top and into pursuit.

The race route then led the competitors over the hilly and exposed crest of the mountain into a strong headwind for several miles. Race plans were hatched and much drafting and marking went on for miles until the route turned downwind on Highway 91 toward the final test of the

Eventual winner Phillip Thompson, after marking all attacks from the lead group and pushing an amazing pace on the flats, cleared away on a successful solo breakaway. Chasers Mittelsdorf, Brian Sumners and Jay Boles made a crucial error as they rode off course past three DOT-specification route signs, putting an end to their challenge.

So ended the undefeated streak of Country Al in the CSC. The next chase group, including third place man Adam Goldweber, also went slightly past the well-marked turn and gave up their hard earned advantage over eventual second place finisher Chris Rossi when they had to double back to get on course.

The battle for first Cullman Cycling Club finisher was unfolding a little further back. After getting away from Toby Rumbarger, Cayce Cherry and Dave Edwards on the unforgiving crest road, a group including Bill St John and the hard driving Carson Glasscock fought neck and neck all the way to the base of the final climb up the South side of Prospect Mtn. This group also included Elizabeth Fox, the winner of the female trophy. She finished just behind Greg Kennedy, who had earlier slipped up the road to take the moral victory over the rest of this group.

The “B” ride welcomed several new faces from the Cullman Cycling scene along with a strong contingent from the CCC. Their forty mile route led over Mt. Doom and around the local benchmark “most beautiful ride.”

A nice party followed the ride where the competitors swapped stories and nursed their wounds. All but Phillip are looking forward to revenge in the fall Tour de Cullman.

Results for King of the Mountain – 2007 CSC

1. Phillip Thompson
2. Chris Rossi – 05:10
3. Adam Goldweber – 06:11
4. Sloan Bryan – 06:59
5. Greg Kennedy – 09:20
6. Elizabeth Fox – 09:48
7. Bill St. John – 09:49
8. Marty Mitchell – 10:22
9. Carson Glasscock – 11:08
10. Alan Hughes – 17:13
11. Dave Edwards – Same time
12. Cayce Cherry – 18:08
13. Merideth Grimsley – 20:42
14. Toby Rumbarger – 21:57
DNF (off course):
Alan Mittlesdorf
Brian Sumners
Jay Boles


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