Friday, August 24, 2007

Tour de Cullman 2007

With the 2007 Tour de Cullman approaching there seems to be some activity on the roads in Cullman. Rumor of several teams riding is going around. An email arrived this week, mysteriously announcing a team of eight riders wearing black uniforms.

"We will have a team of at least eight, black jerseys w/skull and crossbones."

Although this is a mass start and finishes with a KOM, there could be some benefit to having team support. The picture below was taken last weekend of three unidentified riders cresting Skyball Mountain. You know its serious when stealth rides are going on in 100 degree + heat.

Earlier in the summer a training ride was headed up with several well known regional cyclists:

In this photo it appears 2006 podium finisher Adam Goldweber is testing the legs of a World Championship contender and an Ironman.

Eight weeks...October 13th.

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Anonymous said...

the hairy leg division is reportedly stacked with heavy hitters from at leats 3 states.


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