Monday, April 14, 2008

Tracy McKay Races Heart of the South 500

I have known Tracy for a long time, we met about 20 years ago when I was doing alot of racing and he was just getting into endurance sports. My career wound down and Tracy kept going full tilt. He now runs an endurance and coaching company, Transitions Multisport. He does personalized coaching on all levels from novice to world class athletes. I enjoy going by his gym over in Homewood just to escape and touch base with whats going on in the multisport world. Tracy is an incurable optimist, I am not sure I have met too many more dynamic and creative.

What possessed Tracy to compete and finish RAAM (Race Across America) tells you something about him. He also attempted the world 12 hour distance record on the Talladega International Racetrack. This year he is back in the mix having raced and finished the Heart of the South 500 mile bike race (that's 500miles in one stage!). Here are some excepts from Tracy's website. You can read his blog/recap of his race that ended up with Tracy in the hospital after the finish.

"My knees are very sore, my tongue is ulcerated, my ankles hurt and my toes are numb, my ass is cut up pretty good and my eyes are swollen partially shut.....things couldn't be better! really!!"

The Heart of the South 500 is actually 517 miles,starts in Bham, Al. and travels north east into Ga. and back to Bham for the finish

We raced for about 390 miles straight in the rain

We climbed 2600 feet in a 7.3 mile stretch

I was wet and cold during the entire time

The crew told crude jokes and played various IPOD favorites to help pass the time

The "FLYING J" truck stop was a little slice of heaven, it provided warmth, civilization and coffee!!!!

As the night went on and into Peidmont, I acquired double vision...

I found myself with rollers that would lead me to Mt. Cheaha

Then the epic climb! We hit Cheaha at the 400 mile mark...

Every pedal, stroke was accounted for

We reached the top in dark of the early morning


Marcel said...

I'd really love to tackle RAAM someday; and then I think to myself, "I wish I lived in Italy". Is there a RAIT?

Carson said...

Email Tracy from his website and he will help you with information and coaching. He is always looking for crew members also.


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