Sunday, July 20, 2008

"The Race of Truth"

Austin Oliver wins the state time trial. Simply put "The Race of Truth".

The Cullman Cycling Club junior team put on quite a show at the Alabama State Time Trial Championships. Austin Oliver won first in 15/16's. He has been fine tuning his position and becoming a serious threat in any time trial or road race. As all the greats will tell you, in order to be a great tour rider you must be a great time trialer. Looking good for the boy wonder.

This is a race recap from Austin discussing his new training program and coach:

"Frank told me to keep my HR at 185-190 for the first 3 min then go as hard as I possibly could for the rest of the way. I got my HR up to 200 and kept it there for the entire time trial. Only once or twice would it drop down to 199 or 198. For the sprint finish I got it up to 206! It was awesome but one of the most painful things I've ever done. They separated us by 2 min and I caught my 2 min man before we got to the halfway point. That kid came in 2nd and I ended up beating him by about 4:40! Frank gave me good advice on how to go about doing it because I felt really good. It definitely hurts more but it paid off."

I like that part about a HR of 206. The US Developmental Camp and a coach are showing a changed man in the Cullman cycling community.

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