Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Tour 2008

I don't even know where to start. This was another great Tour de Cullman. I think the field gets more diverse and definitely gets faster and stronger every year. There is always some buzz who is riding strong.

Before the ride defending KOM Philip Thompson was a buzz word then something about a guy named Omar. James Hall had assembled an incredible group of riders which included a past winner of the Tour. Then there is the Tria boys who are always making their presence known.

The morning started out under very fair conditions and the temperature in the mid 70s. As usual we started our ride in the tourist fashion with a mandatory pace. I estimate the starting group at 60-70 riders (60 signed in). We rode the first 40k and stopped for our traditional nature break.

The riders reassembled with the KOM riders drifting towards the front and the "Tourists" towards the back. Moto 1 soon led the riders over Chamblee's Mill Bridge and a larger than years past, strong group of riders were off the front.

As the group crested the first climb incredibly there were still 10-15 riders in the main group. I could tell that this was not going to be the solo break that Philip Thompson made last year. The riders regrouped and over the next 10 miles Lennie Moon and Timo Stark made several surges that were unmatched and mostly Lennie Moon's.

The selection was composed of Lennie Moon, Timo Stark, Dusty Davis, Omar Fraser, Eric White, Jason Donaldson, Kevin White and Philip Thompson

The locals call the section of Joy Road the "Meat Grinder". It has five short steep climbs and it takes a toll on the legs especially at 25+ mph. On the "Meat Grinder" Lennie Moon worked the field, Timo made several attempts to bridge but Lennie gained distance on every hill and seemed to take more out of their legs.

On the final and toughest climb "Skyball", the lead vehicle thought Lennie might have gone too soon. At one point half way up the 4 mile climb he seemed to fade and Omar was leading the charge in the chase group of 4-5 guys. It didn't last long and Lennie dropped the hammer.

Lennie Moon crossed the top of Skyball Mountain 1:20 ahead of Timo Stark. Timo was closely followed by Dusty Davis and Omar Fraser. Amy Gravlee strong and alone to win the women's

Division Winners: Masters; Dusty Davis, Sonya Robertson, Most Aggressive; Timo Stark, Dawn Smith, Cullman; Barrett Hoover, Karen Roberson, Junior; Tyler Wilson


jim e said...

another buzz word was ... Austin! The race gives many lessons. We are all better for them.

austinCCC said...

how about round 3?

jim e said...

Yes, the sooner the better. You get stronger every day.

jim e said...

Beat me the next two outa' three, seasonally, and you are on the team!

Nekid Cowboy said...

"The eye of the hurricane is back in Smith Lock, and the storm is aiming directly for the Tria trailer park."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen my Levis?

austinCCC said...

next two out of three tours? or next two out of three times we ride up skyball together?

jim e said...

The next two out of three times we ride up Skyball together. One in the winter, one in the spring and one in the summertime (seasonally)?

runonce said...


runonce said...

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Nekid Cowboy said...

"You were made for me"


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