Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Spring Classics

This post probably belongs on another blog. This is how I have been spending my off season in preparation for the Spring Classics. As you can probably tell from the video my wattage may warrant a new powermeter. I am optomistic that I will gain some form over the next couple of months, March has been traditionally my month to turn the corner on fitness.

I have learned alot about guitars. They are kinda like bicycles. You can pay alot for a bike or guitar but its all about the motor. Whether its Eddie Van Halen or Eddy Merckx they can ride or play anything and its still on top.

Not bad for eighth graders!


runonce said...

I hope this is the beginning of monthly musical updates.

Carson said...

Maybe next time I will add in my raw rock vocals.

Angus said...

"Rock On!"

runonce said...

Racquetball anyone?


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