Friday, March 20, 2009

Milan-San Remo

It is the eve of one of the greatest traditional classics and spring season opener, Milan-San Remo. I just read that Lance Armstrong will be riding in this the 100th version, traditionally he has not done well...always in his preparations for a Tour de France.

My cycling mentor Jacques Emplaincourt once explained the different strategic points in the race where it was won or lost. Turchino, La Manie, Cipressa and the infamous Poggio. Eddy Merckx on every one of his seven victories made the same attack on the La Manie. Each one of these points in the race are small climbs compared to the passes of the Grand Tours but are raced at speeds exceeding 40 km/hr. Survival is making it to the Poggio and the run to the finish after the screws have been tightened on all the tests.

I was San Remo a few years ago and fortunate to ride the last 50k of the race course, I had heard so much about he Poggio and actually was disappointed until I thought about hitting It after 292 km of racing.

Below are a few pictures from our week of training in Cullman. There were several flats this week and a little night riding.


runonce said...

Flats? If you need help, just consult the expert.

Carson said...

I forgot besides "Runonce" you are known as the "Flat Tire Princess". Better change your tires and tubes for spring after a winter on the rollers.

Anonymous said...

What about Stouts, Prospect and Chigger Ridge are those stategic points?

Anonymous said...

sfort-tza caven deeesch ah

runonce said...

Rollers? And, why do you think God created lycra? Some of us cycle all year round (when not anticipating back surgery). Balaclavas are nice, unless not skilled at spitting.

Which language is that? Maybe I'll try German, at AltaVista.

g.lic.shus. said...


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