Friday, July 31, 2009

The Badger and the Cannibal

What does Eddy Merckx and Tom Oliver have in common? They both climbed Mount Ventoux...We write so much about Tom's son Austin who just happens to be racing at the Nationals this weekend for Juniors, what about his dad?

Tom wore his Cullman Cycling kit with honor as he crossed the summit of Mount Ventoux. He was in France part of the Trek Tour de France Experience, from what I understand the riders ride the stages before the actual Tour de France professional race. What a great concept and I am sure experience.
Sometimes we forget about who's behind the scenes working hard making things work for someone else (Austin's dad) my hats off to Tom Oliver....Job well done!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tom, Tough Climb!

Anonymous said...

what was your gearing? maybe you can give us a good post of your climb, a dream climb for all cyclists.

runonce said...

YouTube has an array of Ventoux descent videos. In my daydreams, I think I could manage the climb, given the better part of daylight. It's the descent which intimidates me beyond belief. Did I see cyclists walking down? Would I reach the bottom before dawn, if I walked?

Carson, is there traffic on a random, non-public-climb-day? Are there any flat stretches, where I could clip back in, after taking a break??

BF said...

Hat's off to the"Cycling Olivers". Kara is starting to ride, so that makes Tom, Kara, Austin, and Keaten. Might get expensive before cross season is over.
Keep up the good work.

Carson said...

Did you recover from your crash runonce? I have not done Ventoux but I do remember descending the Col de Tende. It was crazy dangerous with the cars, trucks, gravel, switchbacks and no guard rails. I think this sounds like a blog post, its a good story for the book.

runonce said...

Topple, not crash. Other than my new silver shorts, all is intact.

Nekid Cowboy said...

Hot Damn! We need a picture!

runonce said...

Thanks to the cellphone camera and irreverent friends, I'm sure there are several available online, already.


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