Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bicycle Touring

Philip Thompson (Spring Classic Winner) called me Wednesday night and had a special request. He had a cycling tourist staying in his front yard and was helping him find accomodations as he headed north. I volunteered my front yard.

Jeremy Aranoff passed through Cullman, on his way to Canada. Originally my yard was going to be the campground, but it was pouring down rain so Jeremy put up his tent in my brother Oscars garage. Jeremy is riding his bicycle back home to Canada after spending the summer in Alabama. He is an Architech and gave his summer to helping less fortunate in Greensboro with designing and building residences. The program is done through Auburn University.

Having been on two cycling trips, I could relate to Jeremys adventure. He has a great plan of doing 50 miles per day, which will put him back in Canada in two months. Jeremy hopes to get a job in Montreal.

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runonce said...

Does Jeremy need a place to stay?


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