Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Weeks Out!

This past weekend North Carolina uber master Chris Rossi was in town. Bill St. John and Rossi are old friends from their motorcycle racing days. He is riding a new Pinarello Dogma built up with campy record and zipp wheels. On Saturday Bill headed up our ride which was a modified Spring Classic route. Myself, Rossi, Bill and Cayce Cherry rode. We ended up with close to 60 miles and a lot of climbing. With the heat and humidity I think its still summertime.

Sunday's ride was a modified Tour de Cullman route, which of course included the Circle of Death. I think all of our legs were sore from the day before, I was trying to slow the pace down. As we made the first climb which is at least second toughest of the Tour and I know the steepest, Bill was showing some good form and attacked. As we crested the top of the first climb Chris made contact and that's the last I saw of them. Nobody seems to want to hear my excuses but I am struggling this year and after 25 years of riding its okay.

I got some great video footage of Rossi and St. John on the tougher section of the final climb to the top of Skyball Mountain. Rossi made the move somewhere on the lower slopes and put the hammer down. I think anyone in the masters division needs to take note. He has been a perennial top 10 finisher in all the Tour de Cullmans he has ridden in. With the new bike he seems pretty motivated.


runonce said...

I saw power lines. Your new job, Carson?

Carson said...

laugh it up googleliscious


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