Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nissa Socca

A few years ago I was in France preparing for the Nice World Triathlon Championships and while wandering through the "Old City" section of Nice, I discovered Nissa Socca. In the daytime its a garage door at night its an incredible gastronomical adventure. Buried deep in the old city of Nice, its on the ancient rue Ste-RĂ©parate. The restaurant is run by two Corsican Brothers who combine traditional Corsican cuisine with Nicoise of the region. Did you know that pizza was invented in this region of southern France? From what they told me much of the region was originally part of Italy. In Nissa Socca they have a huge brick oven where they do all the cooking. I was amazed that they even boil water in it. The menu is very simple they have a couple of seafood dishes which are fresh depending on the catch, the Nicoise salad which is a specialty of the region, pasta and of course pizza. The locals are there for the chick pea rossoles, stuffed vegetables and ratatouille. On the beverage side the only beer was of course Kronenbourg, the wine is served in large recycled bottles from the caverne de vin a couple of doors down rue Ste-RĂ©parate. Its been on my intenerary many times now and if you are ever in the region you have to go to Nissa Socca.


Anonymous said...

How far is Nissa Socca from the beach?

Carson said...

Its about two blocks from the beach

Anonymous said...

So... cycle all morning, spend all afternoon and early evening at the beach. Eat dinner after sunset. Return to the beach. Are shoes required in the restaurant?


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