Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goldweber e Oliver che Forza!

Adam Goldweber and Austin Oliver rode very impressive races in the highly competitive Tour de Tuscaloosa.

Austin worked hard in the chase pack to finish 3rd in the junior 14-15 class, qualifying for the Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Racing Series training camp later this summer.

Austin's class was won by Tuscaloosa VeloCity Cycle Team's Logan in a very impressive solo breakaway.

Recap of Adam Goldwebers race:

The Tour de Tuscaloosa Road Race started on a cool, humid day. The field was a whos who of the Alabama cycling scene. Adam Goldweber, donned his "snug" CCC Kit and represented it well. He rode a smart race on the 40 mile technically difficult course. Biding his time until the last hill, he rode to the front, staying on the 2nd and 3rd wheel. With a little more than 1K to go, Adam went to the front and set the tempo. Riders were moving up and Adam was getting boxed in, nervous but not panicked Adam was on the wrong wheel and moving back. At the 200 meter to go sign, the road opened up, and while Adam got a later start on his sprint than others, he was nipped at the line and finished 5th. Yes Adam Goldweber represented the Cullman Cycling Kit with Forza!

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