Friday, August 1, 2008

Alabama State Championships

?The Future of Cullman Cycling
The Cullman Cycling Club was well represented at the 2008 Alabama State Cycling Championships. Austin Oliver lead the charge with a 2nd overall in the 15/16 boys road race. The race was held at a new course outside Hartselle in Morgan County, which has some of the smoothest roads but also some of the most challenging climbs in Alabama. Adding to Cullmans palmares Austins brother Keaton finished 2nd in the 13/14 boys road race. Keaton's first official there something in the genes? Keaton was outsprinted by Nathan Spence of Team Bikework's, SuperDave's Edwards team from Huntsville. Tyler Wilson added to Cullman Cyclings effort finishing strong in his first ever Alabama State Road Race. According to Tom Oliver the Cullman kits were well represented.
The womens that Amy Gravlee of TeamMedplan? Amy doing what she been doing all year...Riding Strong!

Adam Goldweber wearing a BBC kit trying to lobby to ride in the womens road race.

This picture tells it all. A future champion with a past Alabama State Champion. Rumor is there was some stategy being discussed for the 2008 Tour de Cullman. Some alliances?


Anonymous said...

Guys - you need to correct your information. Keaton rode a great race, but he was outsprinted by the winner of the race, Nathan Spence, of Team Bicycle Works.

Anonymous said...

The above comment regarding Nathan Spence winning final sprint and the overall in 13/14's is correct. I will take responsibility for this factual blunder (not Carson's fault - his journalistic credibility should remain intact). I was trying to recap races for Carson by email and told him about Keaton's sprint with Nathan and there was apparently some miscommunication regarding outcome. It was unintentional - Nathan rode a spectacular race and deserves his due credit --- Tom Oliver

Carson said...

I hope this is correct now, the young guys are so competitive.

Anonymous said...

The old man in the last picture thinks he can take all three of the youngsters on a test to the top of Sky Ball. You guys say when! It should be before the Tour.


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