Thursday, August 21, 2008


Its interesting sometimes to think about some of the readers of the Cullman Cycling Blog. Its mindblowing that people read it all over the world. The magic of the Internet.
Runonce has been a faithful reader and contributor since the first post. We have known each other forever and its always great so see her comments. I try to contribute some ideas to her bicycle and triathlon training in exchange for her consulting on linguistic projects.

A collegiate rower in the Ivy League, Runonce has transferred that developed power and endurance into cycling.

She is known now days for her developmental rides with the beginners on Monday from her local shop. Runonce rides a brand new Trek Madone.

"45 miles and some chocolate milk."


Nekid Cowboy said...

Ivy? Anything like kudzu?

runonce said...

Queest-ce que notre prochain projet linguistique sera ?

Eddy said...

I have been off the bike but you make me want to return to the TOUR. I would like to offer myself as a sacrificial servant for your service at THE TOUR.

"I will carry you in the cradle to the mountains and release you like an Angel to the Heavens!"

Carson said...

Am I missing something here? Eddy looking forward to seeing you at the Tour (I think).


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