Monday, September 29, 2008

Training Boulder Style

Austin Oliver headed out to Boulder, Colorado for some training and one on one with his coach, Frank Overton. I got a file from one of the training rides and it was a brutal one and of course at elevation. So much for local training rides. Austin will be prepared for the Tour.

Nothing like a giant roast beef sandwich after a tough day in the saddle.


Runonce said...

Austin, please let me know when you start signing autographs. Lots of people are watching you, from a distance! Maybe you can sign a few TdC shirts?

Eddy said...

Ride Lots!

Nekid Cowboy said...

I got a rop'n meat this weekend runonce, need me to sign your wranglers, cowgirl?

jim e said...

Austn, you are a marked man.


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