Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cullman Cycling

Since the last post I thought I better get back to cycling. For some reason when you post a picture of a female and mix in cycling I have to delete a bunch of comments posted by readers. Its all fun, sometimes you wonder what the Blog is about anyway.

I selected a few pictures from the past week or two.

This picture is called "Pain Locker"...for obvious reasons. It was taken at the Cullman Spring Classic with Austin and Country Al laying down the law. I wondered if CA would really work for Austin or if it came down to it he would drop the hammer on his own team mate.

You know we like to poke at SuperDave but I have to admit hes been riding better than I have ever seen him. I would like to say he was sucking some wheel etc., but it more accurate to say he was hammering with two very strong riders. Even though they were dropped from the lead group they blew away what was left of the peleton. The white jersey is James Hall of Team Smith Lock who had a team mate in the break and in the CSC kit ubermaster Chris Rossi.

One of our road marshalls was none other than Bill St. John. Pretty sweet ride! Bill hosts the CSC and as always, a very premier event.

The pictures below are from a training ride we did this past week. This goes back to how you meet the most interesting people through cycling. We had a couple of guests so where do you take them? Skyball Mountain. Hopefully these guys will be back for the Tour de Cullman this fall. They got a little primer this week.

Warren St. John was in from New York for a tour with his new book (somehow he escaped without me getting a signed copy). Chris Ullrich was in from California for the upcoming AMA SuperBike races at Barbers Motorsports Park. Both these guys ride very strong.

On the foothills of the famous climb. They didn't get to see it all but climbed to the top of Skyball Mountain.

Almost to the top enjoying the nice weather and calling for the team car. I think we lost a rider along the way.


Eddy said...

"Tant va la cruche à l'eau qu'elle se casse."

Carson said...

This Blog is turning into a linguistics exercise. Let me know if I have the correct translation with my two years of college French and some internet help. I know most French sayings dont exactly translate in to English. Something like:

You can only go to the well so many times with the same bucket, eventually it breaks.

Not sure who that is aimed at, but I like it.

Warren said...


I love being able to keep up with the Cullman Cycling scene from NYC via your blog. Looking forward to the Tour de Cullman. I plan to make it.

One fact-checking matter however. You said I rode strong. You must've been thinking of somebody else. Do you run corrections?

Looking forward to our next ride.

jim e said...

Great picture of those two smilin'

I plan to make it and hope to be ahead of "The Kid", SuperDave and "The Ubermaster" on my way to the Tria trailer park...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mi bicicleta me gusta mucho! Compre una nueva en el verano. Trek Madone 5.algunacosa. Pienso que decirte.

Durante el invierno, mi parte posterior no fue bueno, y no podia montarlo. Fue muy triste. Pero.....

Ahora, muy mejor! He montado a 50 miles, una semana despues. Ahora, quiero entrar "CNC".... Cycle North Carolina. De las montanas a la playa! No quiero dormir en el piso durante la noche. Tengo que pensarlo. Otro sueno: "BAA". Lo sabes??

Anoche, beisbol. Como estas? Y tu bicicleta? No lo puestas detras de tu truck?? No quiero que tu lo perdias otro tiempo.


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