Monday, April 27, 2009

European Update Please!

Leading up to and during the Cullman Spring Classic this year one of the more mysterious and famous Cullman Cycling Blog readers was in Europe. I remember during the Classic commenting to a fellow rider about getting a text message from Paris. I was getting text messages wanting an update on how the race was shaping up and my current position.

Modern technology is amazing sometimes. I remember back in the early 80's following Paris-Roubaix or the Tour de France and there were no live feeds or anything resembling that. We would read results in USA Today or the NY Times two weeks after the race if we were lucky.

Now there is such a huge controversy from the old pros about "Race Radio", which there was never in the day. The best review I read recently was from an old pro and whether they should allow them in pro cycling. He said the use of them was 50% yes and 50%no. Strategy with them doesn't always seem fair but it seems overwhelmingly important to use them now because of safety.

"Give me an update....please!" Runonce trying to be patient at a Paris train station.

Definitely a mistake to discuss cycling with an Italian. Seems to be a disagreement over a triple versus a compact crank set.

9 comments: said...

You are much more clever than you appear.

Jacques said...

Excusez-moi Madame, que postez étiez vous dans le Gare de Lyon de photographie… ? Ah le temps de ressort à Paris est si romantique !

Nekid Cowboy said...

After reading that post and looking at the pictures all I can think about is Torque vs Horsepower.

Anonymous said...

The one on the left is definitely compact but I am sure is a triple, I think the one on the right only needs two rings so I say compact.

runonce said...

Runonce rides a double, but runonce doesn't understand what a compact crankset is. Where's that google homepage?

Vous dites la vérité. L'endroit romatic est le Seine la nuit.

runonce said...

On the other hand, the relatively low muscular force used with a high cadence relies more heavily on the slow twitch fibers, which are more aerobically efficient in using the body�s energy stores to produce work.

We found Trek's mid-priced Madone 5.2 to be a near perfect road machine, offering a reasonably light weight, superb ride and handling characteristics and an intelligent parts spec that offered a good balance between performance and cost. In addition, the innovative frameset design incorporated a number of novel features such as the no-cut integrated seatmast, 90mm-wide bottom bracket shell with drop-in cartridge bearings and correspondingly oversized down tube and chain stays, and the tapered and oversized 1 1/8"-to-1 1/2" steerer tube.

Hmmm. Need more googling.

Carson said...

Great idea for a future post.

Pardon my Italian.

King 3

L?innovativo telaio KING TRE, costruito con tecnologia monoscocca in ben 10 taglie, consente di coprire in maniera capillare ogni esigenza morfologica e biomeccanica. Non solo, ma la sua struttura monolitica interamente in fibra di carbonio T-700SC, la più resistente in assoluto, permette di raggiungere l'ambizionso "target weight" dei 950 grammi di leggerezza. In tutta sicurezza, però, in quanto il materiale composito da noi tutilizzato possiede i più elevati standard di rigidità torsionale, densità e resistenza meccanica. Rinnovato anche nelle geometrie, con inclinazioni del tubo sella studiate per ottimizzare la pedalata con le attuali guarniture compact, KING TRE alla sua anima tecnologica abbina un design d'avanguardia, caratterizzato dal reggisella "integrato" e dalle sezioni "muscolose" dei suoi segmenti che, all'interno, alloggiano il passaggio dei cavi. Assume, quindi, il ruolo di protagonista assoluto della strada, bilanciando in se forma e sostanza per fondere al meglio tra loro leggerezza, sicurezza, purezza delle linee e affidabilità di marcia.

Peso (no forcella/no s. sterzo): 950 gr

Maybe I should have translated it to Malay for better comprehension.

Anonymous said...

At Paris-Roubaix most the contenders rode a 53/46. At the CSC that would have shredded the legs.

runonce said...

Happy Birthday, Carson. Ride well this weekend.


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