Sunday, May 4, 2008

Anniston Criterium


I love this photo because it shows how fast these guys are going at it. 40mph to be exact. The above photo shows Rahsaan Bahati of the Rock Racing Team leading a lap of the criterium.

I have a couple of blog entries in the "can" right now but I really wanted to go ahead and post something about the Sunny King Criterium. This was my first trip to the race and I was very impressed. There was a stellar pro field and all the amateur races were stacked also.

Austin Oliver, Cullmans Boy Wonder kept his streak alive with a great performance in the junior race. He made the podium with riders from Atlanta and Nashville etc., ever proving he is ever the real deal.

The women's race was very heated with a huge crash that took out several Team MedPlan racers and a few surviving. I spoke to Amy Gravlee Saturday night after the men's pro race and she obviously was a little dissappointed. Her limp gave away alot and the road rash had to be painful. Seems a junior female took out alot of the combined field of 3/4 women and Amy got tangled up in the chaos.

Brian Toone is amazing. I have never met Brian but I know one thing he is an incredible racer. It takes so much just to hang with speed the pros do. There was a very impressive collection of pro racers in the 70 lap event, most of who had just competed in the Athens Twilight Criterium. Brian who rides for the Tria Market Cycling Team was a major player in the race. He made several tactical moves which were very impressive since he had no team support. Here is a very weak photo which I made in the dark of Brian Toone on a solo break.

In this photo he is trying to bridge the gap back to the 10 riders that had made a break from the main field. The main point is that he was a player in the race.

"Country Al" and "Big Larry" made a cigar smoking appearance. They were at Talladega for some motorcycle racing. Al needed to be out there in the bicycle race, I think it had to be eating on him to see the action. I am sure he will be back.


Kristine said...

It was a great race! I was there cheering for Brian... it's great to hear other people noticing his excellent riding. Last year he had some good moves, but didn't finish. This year he was pleased to finish... next year, we're hoping it'll be a GREAT finish!

runonce said...

I've only been to watch one criterium event so far. I stood in awe. Halfway through the event, the skies opened up, lightning flashed and the thunder was ominous. Did they stop? Did they even consider stopping? It was an incredible summer night.

Carson said...

It rained in Anniston Saturday morning. We got some great rain, made for a wet course. By the main event it was completely dry. It was just dark. They did put up the portable flood lights, made for a cool atmosphere. Night time crits are very cool.

jim e said...

Brian is a nice fellow who knows how to race and can even ride his bike to work, often. He use to come in the store with his dad and got fixed up with some of my best. Clemson was his next stop and the cycling club there was glad to have him. He had a good finish on the assault, second fastest one year while there? In Greenville last year, near seasons end, he was only beat by three people in two days of riding. Birmingham is glad to have him.
Dusty Davis, this years Classic victor, went down on the last lap of the masters race. A few stiches, a little time and he will be ready. An odds on favorite for the Tour De Cullman.


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