Sunday, May 11, 2008

Team MedPlan

Riding under the sponsorship and direction of Kelly Bownes, Team MedPlan cycling team was formed in 2008. Not only a super team of women's cycling but a great group of women. Team MedPlan has a very active roster for the 2008 season which includes 15 riders on the racing team, 10 Cat 4 developmental riders and 5 club members.

They can be seen out training and racing in the best looking kits around. I think it really shows Kelly's attention to detail which is exemplified in her success in and out of the peloton. Imagine forming a cycling team and making it all work. That's the magic. Its not only the support and logistics, but also the underwriting of it all. Kelly has done so much to promote cycling in Alabama and the Southeast. There is a huge need for more people to get involved in supporting cycling.

This past February the team held its training camp in North Georgia with 100 percent participation. The MedPlan girls have been a major factor in the southeast women's racing series this spring, all the way from the Sumatanga training races to the very elite Athens Twilight Criterium. The team will be racing most weekends this season in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Mississippi. Expect to see them on the Podium!

The "Diesel" taking a pull with Amy Gravlee in tow.

Team MedPlan doing it again at the Chattanooga Criterium.

This is my favorite, worthy of the Daily Distraction Page of Pez Cycling News.


runonce said...

One of my favorite entries from this blog. Way too many turns in a criterium. Cycling is a great sport for those of us who just like to go straight ahead.

Eddy said...

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