Friday, May 30, 2008

Austin Oliver "Burns" The Tour of Atlanta

"To defeat those armies, we must prepare the way to reach them in their recesses, provided with the arms and instruments which enable us to accomplish our purpose."
General William Tecumseh Sherman

Austin Oliver raced a very successful 2008 Tour of Atlanta. He raced all five days completing the stage race. Austin competed not only in the Juniors (hes 15) but also in the Cat 4/5.

Austin punching it on the time trial. He made a strong showing finishing in the top 20 averaging over 25 mph. This was his first time trial!

Austin impresses me the most with how serious he is about his sport. He was prepared and organized going in to the Tour of Atlanta. Above he is warming up getting that heart rate up and the blood flowing.

Austin was proactive in the race. If its not happening you make it happen. He was a one man show against the Frazier Cycling Team from Georgia. Austin finished 3rd in the Junior Crit.

In the stage featuring a 50 mile road race, Austin stayed with the lead pack of 4/5’s until ~ 2miles to go he, he came in with the second group still finishing 24th. He beat all the juniors except one. Most of the Frazier boys got dropped on first lap.

"I think tactically he learned a lot and feels like he got a tremendous fitness effect."

Tom Oliver


runonce said...

Congratulations, Austin! Isn't that Carson's TT bike? Maybe he'll give it to the man who needs it more than he does... YOU.

brent said...

strong work. looks like you're ready to move to the fruit troop.

EDDY said...

Thats like Hinault going from La Vie Claire to Systeme U. You been sniffing the tire glue again?

Carson said...

Hey runonce...speaking of bikes, how bout a picture of your new Madone sportin your favorite T.

brent said...

sniffin' glue, ha! i'm high on life!

Gglssh's. said...

runonce said...

Augusta 2009!! Sign up, today.


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